General Business Terms


Effective: 03-10-2006

1. General:

Deliveries of the company Lachmann's e.K. made exclusively of following terms and conditions unless agreed otherwise.

2. Order:

Orders are accepted by mail, email or fax and are binding. Our offers and prices are exclusive of the prevailing VAT.

3. Ordering:

The customer accepts our delivery and payment in its order (which will be received in letter, fax or email ).

4. Prices:

All prices are subject to change. All prices are excl . VAT , unless otherwise indicated . Prices are subject to change to exchange rate fluctuations, changes or revised material purchase prices.

5. Availability and delivery time:

A delivery obligation does not exist. Delays in delivery do not entitle to claims for damages. If no delivery date is specified, we deliver according to availability of the goods. Please always indicate a binding delivery date in writing and be confirmed by us. If you order very late and we hardly have time for delivery (less than 7 working days), we are entitled to an express surcharge of 10, - €. We reserve the right to also supply you via express. The additional costs incurred shall be borne by the purchaser. For imported goods, handcrafted items and custom made items longer delivery times may occur.

6. Means of advertising:

All advertising material and commercial samples of Lachmann's e.K. which are left to the customer remain the property of the Lachmann's e.K. The use for the presentation of foreign products is not permitted. All product samples need to be returned back to us for review. The return is at the user's expense .

7. Dispatch + Haulage:

The costs are borne by the recipient . Packaging and insurance costs will be billed. International parcels are charged depending on shipping method. The shipment will be specifically on the company commissioned by us. A collection of the goods is possible after consultation. We deliver to all EU countries and Switzerland. Shipping costs for goods requiring a special consignment due to their condition will be listed separately on the invoice.

8. Payment terms:

Payments are only possible by direct debit transfer, cash in advance or on account (only with regular customers!). We will only deliver to abroad and new customers against prepayment.

*Payment : Once the goods are ready for shipment the customer will be notified by us. After receiving the money order the goods can be shipped to the customer.

Payments in foreign currencies are accepted at the current exchange rate. Special designs are made ​​only against prepayment. Initial orders made ​​via prepayment or direct debit.

9. Right to return:

The beneficiary needs to immediately inspect the goods in quantity and quality and report any damage within 2 days. A copy of this notification must be sent to us.

10. Reservation of ownership:

Until full payment the goods remain our property.

11. Legal domicile:

Performance and jurisdiction for both parties is Kaiserslautern. Verbal and telephone agreements have no legal validity . Deviating conditions are only valid if they are confirmed by us in writing.

12. Prices:

With the appearance of new price lists all previous price lists lose their validity.

13. Validity:

If any provision of these terms is invalid, the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected . The invalid provision shall be replaced by one which comes as the meaning and purpose of the ineffective provision in a legally effective manner. The same applies to possible regulation gaps.